What are the benefits to buying a website by subscription?

That’s a really great question and we are glad you asked!

Subscription model services have become extremely popular in recent times with all manner of services and products available at the press of a button for a regular monthly fee. This got us thinking, if all these products and services can be bought by subscription why not a website as well? Well now you can as we’ve just launched our brand new website plans.

We wouldn’t blame you if you are now asking yourself how that is feasible and what exactly the benefits are to paying for a website by subscription. Well below we’ll cover the “traditional” way of buying a website and how we feel that model is flawed in this day and age along with the main benefits a website plan has over that traditional model.

The traditional way to buy a website

The traditional model and still the most popular way of investing in a website is you’d go and research some agencies/freelancers, request a bunch of quotations (which will normally vary wildly depending on who you ask) and then take the plunge and pay one of them a large sum of money upfront (often in the 1000s) with no real way of telling exactly what you’ll get at the end of the process.

The waterfall process which usually follows this once a project is underway is often slow, labour intensive and not very agile to change. This is only natural because of the amount of money being paid in advance for an agreed scope with all parties involved wanting to get it exactly right to avoid costly mistakes on both sides or the project time or costs spiralling if changes to the orginal scope are required later down the line.

In our opinion this “traditional” way of working is slightly flawed and not well suited to the way the web works today. In this day and age the reality is a good website is never truly finished and should always be evolving to provide a good return on investment and to be adaptable to changes in consumer behaviour, industry trends or new objectives within the business.

A website plan offers flexibility

Flexibility and being able to adapt to change is where a website subscription plan can really pay dividends and provide business value over the “traditional” model.

With our website subscription plans you can get a brand new, custom built website exactly the same, but most crucially without all the large upfront cost which mitigates a lot of the traditional risks for both parties involved, and means you can get an almost immediate return on your investment.

As our website plans also inlcude unlimited revisions and support, you also have complete freedom to try things or shift direction anytime during the plan without the worry of being hit with extra costs for changes to existing content or functional scope etc.

This freedom and flexibility means a website plan is a future-proofed way to invest in your website and ensure its longer term success, but still know exactly where you stand with one flat montly fee and higher package tiers available should you out grow the current plan.

If this sounds interesting and you’d like more information on how our website plans could benefit you we’d be very happy to provide a FREE website plan consutlation to run over everything in plain english and provide you detailed information on all the benefits.

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